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Rational Swing Voter, Prabowo, and Jokowi; a Quest to Presidential Election

I literally spent 34:59 from my life to watch this video titled; Prabowo: Uang Negara Bocor Rp. 1.000 Triliun ++ Per Tahun for the sake of understanding what Prabowo means with "kebocoran" that he repetitively said on every presidential debate.

Ok, I’m trying to understand about the leakage, now I know. But then, how will you stop the leakage? How? Spoiler alert, Prabowo never mention it in those half an hour video. If Prabowo believes that’s the core problem of our nation, try to convince us – the swing voters – how will you solve it would be nice.

After the third presidential debate, Prabowo never specifically mention the solution. I guess this tweet is makes sense.

To be fair, In the video I mentioned before Prabowo actually give a hint about solution for the leakage; we must not sell the raw material anymore, we must process our natural resources before selling it to the global market, we must do the processing on our own!

I conclude that we must empower and enhance our human resources, so that we will be able to do that, no?

But then, was that the summary of what’s Jokowi trying to do? So you both have same solution?

I might sound like one of Jokowi’s supporter right now. In fact, I might be if in the next presidential debate Prabowo doesn’t mention his specific solution. Especially when the topic is Human Resources, Science and Technology.

Love does not simply fade away.

— Six words #28, Jamel Duane (via tsundokuponders)

Anonymous asked: abang, sudikah abang memberikan saran dalam melatih kemampuan membaca dan memahami suatu bacaan dalam bahasa inggris? kami sudah terlanjur nyemplung di dunia teknik di mana textbook-nya rata-rata berbahasa inggris. hatur nuhun. #random

Berhenti belajar, mulai dipake. di twit, di chat, anywhere. Jangan takut salah, orang juga sama ngga bisanya. 

Or try to watch Sherlock TV series then comprehend the deduction without subtitle, :))

No, seriously, do that

Anonymous asked: gtfo the internet. you suck

ok bye *turn away* *slam the door*

User Testing: Did They Do It Right?! →


User Testing is not you testing the users.
It’s the users testing you.

Our responsibility as designers is to check our designs in the realistic, practical scenarios they are were designed for.

Web designers get real users to try out new ideas.

Car designers get people to sit in the car…

How to get an unlimited, constantly flowing, endless inspiration; fall in love.